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I always had to be fucked in was with Michelle, let me see another man, but without success in the next couple of years we have come with some demon of John Sue, I had to drink in all the pubs in Northampton was and returned to our house after work and took John a round of strip poker Michelle suggested I do not crocotube think it would be for them, but I crocotube was wrong, we all ended up naked with Michelle stared at the cock of John, a good 9 inches and was so hard as crocotube a rock, but as my Sue ended it and she and John went home we went and fucked for ages, with Michelle saying that John had a nice tail, when I met John in the next pub appologised to sue, but I said, do not worry, he said he was far ahead of Michelle in the nude with her shaved pussy wide open and bright, I mean, I never realized when I got home he told me I returned to Mich